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Mike was discharged from the hospital and Posh begun serving her six months public service term as punishment for her offense against Mike.
Gregory and Miley begun making preparations for their wedding and the Faith band’s CD was out.

A couple of days after Salvation song was released to the public, the dean of students, along with the student government council, called together the Faith band in their office, and organized with them to officially launch Salvation debut in the Ortegun campus so as to promote the song.
So, when the day came, the whole campus filled the open square in front of the fountain.
Banners of the band in yellow and white colors, surrounded the campus, advertising the event and the song. The class 100 members had volunteered to be agents of the Faith band and sell the Salvation CDs.
They sold more than 1000 copies in 2 hours alone, even before the band walked to the stage to sing.
Vicky was very excited as she climbed up the stage with the rest of the band, wearing white T-shirts with bright yellow bolded words of Faith at the front.
The record company crew was with them and they wore the company shirts, checking the instruments and mikes on the stage.
The people cheered when the Faith band took their positions. The band smiled, waving at the multitude that appeared like ants, spreading all over the campus lane.

The producer saw Kyle behind the brass and asked if he was alright.
“Set.” Kyle replied.
“Your friend was right," the producer said, loudly for the noise that the spectators made on the ground.
“Yes. This really is a hit song.”Kyle agreed.
“Jesus, hits.” The producer admitted. “You should write Gospel songs, always.”
Kyle laughed and nodded.
The producer abandoned the stage and Kyle looked at the others to see their condition.
There was no one behind the Keyboard.
“We're gonna have to do without.” Fred, who seemed to notice Kyle’s worry, called to him from the drums.
Kyle nodded sadly. “But, I texted him.”
“Do you think, he’d come?” Deborah asked, turning to the guys from the front.
“Let us hope so.” Another guy, Kendal replied from another mic.
Vicky looked at her friends and sighed. She realized who they were talking about.
“It’s alright. Intro, Vicky?” Kyle said.
Vicky turned to the crowd and gave them a bright smile before beginning. “Thank you all for your coming.”
“YEAAH!” The crowd shimmered.
Vicky laughed a little. “The Faith band is highly encouraged by your presence. We are so honored to have you all here and support us, pushing the Gospel of Jesus forward,” she added.
People just cried, “Faith! Faith! Faith!”
She smiled looking around the heavily flocked field. “We hope that, this song would touch and transform you. Because, there is no Salvation in anyone else except in Jesus who loved us so much, enough to die for us.”
There were mild reactions. Probably not all the crowd were convinced.
As Vicky looked around, by chance, she caught sight of Wayne.
She became puzzled to see him again after the while that he was away.
He made his way through the crowd, wearing a white shirt and dark trousers.
He begun taking the stairs at Vicky’s left side, to the stage where, the rest of the band was.
Vicky had a lot of questions in her mind at that time. Wayne was back, when did he get back? Did he know that they would have the launch of the Salvation song?
The rest of the band smiled, feeling happy to have him again.
The crowd cheered.
The crew shrugged and were amazed until someone from campus tipped them that the ununiformed man approaching the soloist on the stage, was the Keyboardist.
Vicky was happy but, her joy was replaced with worry, when she could recognize the sadness expressed on Wayne’s face.
More than that, other than the keyboard, he followed her.
Vicky swallowed and reckoned, “Wayne," when he drew closer to her.
She drew back a few steps and he didn’t look at her rather than, at the mike stand, taking hold of it.
Tears flowed from his eyes and the crowd became silent, surprised at the turn of events.
Wayne sighed first, shutting his eyes and collecting himself to say to the quiet field. “My, my mother was sick.” He said and his voice shimmered through the huge speakers that were on the opposite sides of the stage.
He opened his eyes again and glanced at the confused crowd. Most were wondering why he had to say that and some, felt sorry.
“She had cancer.” He added.
There were many gasps.
Victoria gulped. She begun to feel bad, thinking that Wayne’s mother, died.
Kyle, and the rest of class 100 were shocked.
The producer and his crew were concerned with why the newcomer had to say that. And if, he was confused. 
“This Jesus who, we are preaching,” Wayne went on, disregarding their reaction. “He healed my mother.”
There were more gasps of joy.
Vicky broke into a huge smile, beaming at Wayne who stood just a few feet from her.
“I was a waste until a couple of weeks ago.” Wayne went on, as though, he didn’t notice the elation on people’s faces. “When I received Jesus Christ, my life changed. He gave up to me what he gives to all who turn to him; the free gift of love, the free gift of healing, the free gift of peace.” He said and there were many nods.
Many people who did not believe in Jesus in the compound, were touched to accept him then.
“There is Salvation in no one else,” Wayne said. “Except Jesus Christ who died for us.” He concluded and turned to Vicky, grinning at her.
Vicky smiled and though she wouldn’t, she gave him a hug.
“Thank you Vicky,” he said before they parted.
“Glory to God.” She replied.
The crowd cheered and once again, Vicky took the mic and Wayne assumed his position behind the keyboard, greeting his friends with light hugs and arm shakes as he did.
“Amen. Thank you Jesus for healing Wayne’s mom.” Vicky said. “God is able to heal. He is able to save you. It doesn’t matter who you appear to be now. God has a purpose for you and he is able to heal you.”
“Amen!” The crowd roared. They were all convinced.
“Thank you.” Vicky said and the beats begun playing.
The song rouse a great reaction from the spectators. It became more spiritual and touching to them then.
Some people who had gone to be part of the event, were healed and they confessed Jesus as the savior of their lives.
The band sold more than 10000 copies to the approximately 14000 students and teachers who came to the launching.
They also had many viewers online and soon, the song begun to sell in Africa because of Vicky’s nationality.
Soon, what begun from an evening contention about producing a gospel song, became the most popular hit song in America, being played in Gospel and non-religious radio stations.
The record company made a lot of money, and so did the artists.
Soon, they shot the video and made concerts in West-Virginia, Texas and Europe, getting the chance to sing in front of the nobles.
Vicky already purchased her laptop, phone, bought her real-estate and a car.
She was ever thankful to God for transforming her life and indeed, it was transformed completely.
Sasha was healed and she could conclude her studies and become a doctor.
Now, Two weeks.
Can a man encounter God and his life not change?
Why don’t you answer that yourself by trying it out?
Accept Jesus Christ as the savior of your life by following this prayer sincerely from your heart.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving me your message of Salvation.
I am willing to accept Jesus today as the savior of my life.
You died for me and took all my sins.
Please transform my life and help me live it toward you.
Please lead me to notice the important things in my life.
Thank you Jesus. Amen.

After you’ve said this prayer, know that you are saved. Just read the Bible.
You can start from the book of John.
Or begin from Genesis.
I will leave you with one word from Hebrews 4:12

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow; and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

More to come…

Can you guess what happened with Annie Earl?
How about Gregory and Miley?
And Wayne?
Mike, Posh?
Oh and Vicky?

The story doesn’t end here.
There’s more to come so please, stay tuned for the next part of this book, titled.

“27 YEARS” Can a man remain with God even after being rich?

STAY BLESSED in Jesus’ name. Amen.



Dear fans and viewers.
Thank you for following the story of TWO WEEKS.
I welcome all recent readers and I would like to share the following, as we aproach the final episode of this story.
First of all, it amused me that instead of two weeks the story actually covered a month of transitions.
The first two weeks was about getting Wayne to accept Jesus Christ, during the same time that, Vicky was being tested whether she would leave her Faith or not.
This and the second two weeks in which we have witnessed a lot of change in Wayne's life including that of Gregory, Miley, Posh and even the rest of the class 100.
It amazed me that the words; CAN A MAN ENCOUNTER GOD AND HIS LIFE NOT CHANGE? actually came out of, Wayne himself!
Mrs. Harts was also healed, Miley agreed to marry Greg and, Posh and Mike, met second chances to make the most of their lives!
But, the story hasn't ended yet. Will Wayne still stick to God after his life being fixed?
Find out in the final episode of this story...

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TWO WEEKS - Episode 28

Back in campus, Gregory stood outside the door of Posh’s apartment.
He carried foodstuff in a bag and was there to see Posh as well as Miley, who moved in to stay with her.
Since the day before, the girls became good friends. More than that, class 100 was more united. They made shifts to see Mike in the hospital and Posh, at her apartment, to encourage her. 
When the door was opened, Posh was standing at the threshold, dressed in a black silk shirt and blue denim trousers. She covered part of her purple hair with a dark head kerchief that also matched with a small hand bag she carried.
“Posh?” Gregory greeted.
“Greg. Come in.” She invited him in, opening the door wide.
He entered the house and asked, “You are going out?”
“Yeah. To the hospital to see Mike.”
He nodded.
“How is he?” She asked.
“He was with the guys when I left. He’s making a remarkable recovery.”
“We have been praying for him.”
“Oh. Thank you. And the pastor, you know him? From the doctorate school of theology? He’s gone to see Mike.”
“It’s the right time I guess. I’ll also get to hear the words of God.” She said, smiling.
“Amen. Is Miley in?”
“She is in the kitchen.”
“Okay. I’ll just see her.”
She nodded. “Take your time.”
He thanked her and she left.


Gregory put the bag on a table inside the room and took a corridor to where humming sounds came from.
He paused at the threshold of the kitchen watching Miley pick out a couple of plates from the cupboard, humming the Salvation song.
“Hey.” He greeted.
She span around quickly and greeted him with a gasp. “My. You scared me.”
“Sorry,” he said.
She sighed. “What’s up? How’s Mike?”
“Doing great. We thank God.”
“Amen. We have been praying for him.”
Gregory smiled. “Thank you for taking care of Posh. She’s more stable than I expected.”
“It’s hardly my doing. She’s been reading the Bible.”
He smiled. “God is great.”
She nodded. “Great enough to inspire me too.”
He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Yeah?”
She smiled and nodded. “I’ve come to realize that, it is a waste of time; a life without God. He gives us all the important things; better performance, brighter future; overflowing blessings and love.”
He smiled broadly. “I am happy for you.”
She smiled back. “Thank you,” She said and turned back to the cupboard, storing the plates properly. “Would you like a glass of mango juice?”
Now Gregory, instead of responding with a yes or no, shook his trouser pockets and some keys sounded jiggling. “Amh. Would you like to go out for lunch?” He asked back.
She laughed a little. “C’mon Greg, you don’t have to beat around the bush. You want to know if I agree to marry you and,” she took in a deep breath, taking her time as she knew that his heartbeat ran fast.
“Yes.” She exhaled, drawing elation from his face. She laughed at that. “You should see yourself.”
“Thanks God.” He sighed with relief and walked closer to her. “Thank you Miley.”
“Aaw,” she begun, receiving his hug. “It took me time to see it but, you are the perfect man for me.”
He withdrew and smiled. “I have been praying for this over the past two weeks. That day you shut me out, I never thought that, I’ll ever have you accept me again.”
“I was wrong to reject you because you decided to follow God. There’s nothing right than that on this earth. God is everything.” She admitted.
He smiled at her, staring at her with disbelief.
She rested her forehead on his. “Let’s pray to God and set the date for our wedding. The past is gone, Greg. God is going to help us build a very good future.”
He shut his eyes. “I want us to get engaged in church. The college chapel. But, I want to give you the best wedding. One that you will never forget.”
She smiled and thanked him in a whisper.
He drew back. “Okay. I will not be able to control myself around you, Miley.” He confessed and she laughed a little. “Seriously. Get ready and we drive to Boston to see your parents and my cousin and; I’ll call my uncle so he meets us tomorrow when he arrives New York.”
She smiled with excitement, showing her teeth. “Okay. Your uncle, uncle, Matthias?”
“Yes. The Father. He always wanted me to settle down with one woman but, I wouldn’t agree until fourteen days ago. Now, I am sure that, I want to marry you, Miley. God has told me so.”
She was overwhelmed by his statement. “Thank you Gregory.”
He smiled a little and sighed. “I believe that my parents, wherever they are, they are happy for me.”
“They would be in heaven, Greg. And they are very happy for you.”
He took in her words, grinning shortly. “Amen. So, I’ll be in the living room. Can you be ready in five minutes?”
She shook her head, laughing. “I’m going to see my folks, Greg and they don’t know I’m coming with a man. I have to make phone calls, talk to my sister; plan what to take to them.”
“Oh, we can do that on the way.”
“I’d rather I do that before moving a step from here.”
He nodded. “Alright,” he said and took out his phone. “You can use this.”
She shook her head again. “I don’t want to freak mom out. I’ll fetch my phone in Posh’s bedroom.”
He grimaced. “Are your parents that strict?”
She nodded. “Yeah. You don’t wanna know.”
“Do you think they’ll reject me?”
“They’ll probably think that I should have my bachelor first before getting married but, they will be okay with you.”
“Oh. I hope I will be able to convince them that, we won’t have any kids before we graduate.”
“I’ll handle that” She told him. “Okay. I’ll just…” She begun, pointing upstairs. Maybe she meant to dress.
“I’ll wait in the living room.” He said and they parted.


Posh took in a deep breath, asking God for strength before pushing the loosely opened door into Mike’s ward.
She found Mike seated on a bed, listening attentively to Pastor Pat. She knew the pastor from the fellowship house that she usually passed, heading to campus.
When the door opened, the pastor, who sat next to the bed and Mike, turned to the entrance.
The pastor smiled but, Mike seemed surprised.
“Hallow?” She greeted.
“Hallow. Come in. Alexandra, right?” The pastor asked.
Posh walked across the room and stood at the foot of the bed. “Yes. You know me?”
“He just told me about you.”
Posh glanced at Mike at the pastor’s statement. “Mike?”
“I told him about my friends. Mr. Patterson has high sense of humor.”
The pastor laughed.
Posh felt like giggling.
“Have a seat, please?” The pastor asked, waving to a chair on the other side of the bed.
Posh walked to it and sat. “How are you doing?” She asked Mike.
“Better, I thank God.”
“Where is Astrophe? The mascot leader.” The pastor asked, drawing the youths’ attention.
“Maybe he went to record with the Faith band.” Posh replied to him.
“No, he left to Ohio.” Mike said.
“Oh. I wanted to have you all together.”
“Yes pastor?” Posh asked.
“I just want to share with you the word of God. The bond between you four is very strong. I love the way you took care of each other, physically and then, spiritually.”
Posh furrowed her eyebrows. “I don’t understand.”
“It all begun with Wayne receiving Christ, pastor. We weren’t better off before. Now, because of him and Gregory converting to Christianity, the whole class has changed.” Mike said to the pastor.
Posh glanced at him and back at the pastor. “You have a word for us, pastor?”
“Yes.” The man of God replied and opened a Bible that was in his hand. “I would like to read Psalm 133 to you.”
“Amen. Go ahead pastor.” Mike told him.
The man of God nodded and begun to read from Psalm 133:1. “The Bible says; behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” He turned to them. “God blesses all relationships. Those with blood ties and those without blood ties. Verse three of the same chapter reads,” he said and added from the Bible, “for there the Lord has commanded the blessing, even life forever more.”
“God knows our friendship?” Posh asked.
“Yes” the pastor replied. “And he saved your friend Astrophe for your sakes. God has a purpose with your lives.”
“It is amazing how God works.” Mike reckoned. “Wayne came to make me realize a life of wrong that I was living. Now, in Jesus, I’ve found peace. I just pray to get out of here and go ahead with, mending my life.”
Posh turned to him. “Wayne told you about Jesus too?”
He nodded to her. “Yap and you?”
“Yes,” she agreed. “I’ve also felt different after receiving Jesus.”
“The love of God changes us,” the pastor said.
“Yes” Posh agreed and turned to Mike. “Mike, I am sorry for what I did to you.”
He looked warmly at her. “It’s alright. It was my fault that you became upset anyway.”
The pastor glanced at the two and rose. “I will be outside with the rest of the class 100 who are here.”
Mike turned to him. “More words of God, pastor?”
Pastor Pat smiled. “Yes. I’ll be back. You two need to talk.”
Mike was silent as was Posh.
The pastor left.
There was silence for a short while, until Mike spoke.
“Do you remember the African girl?” He asked, opening the conversation with Posh.
She nodded. “They call her Vicky Prettiz. She is very famous because of her cooking and her singing.”
“She was right about God. We should never have rejected her proposal.”
“You have already received Christ, Mike, and so have I. It is not late for God to change us.”
He nodded. “I have no doubt about that. Wayne recommended that we read the Bible often.” He said and added. “Didn’t he text you that, his mom, who was sick, was immediately healed after he prayed for her?”
Posh became amazed. “No, no. I didn’t know whether his mom was sick.” She said, searching her handbag on her lap, for her cellphone. “I haven’t checked my phone,” she added, retrieving it.
“Check it out.”
“Here is one unread message,” she said, pressing the buttons of her phone. “Amh. He says; Hi guys. Thank you for your prayers. I never told you but, my ma was sick. My dad called me four weeks ago, our last night together at the college club, and told me how mom was sick and that, she was going to die. All the past week after turning to Jesus, I was praying and fasting for my mom’s healing. God enabled me to get the permit to leave campus and return to Ohio to see her. She was dying when I arrived home but, I prayed to God and laid my hand on her in the name of Jesus. My mom was immediately healed from Cancer, instantly.” She read and paused, staring shockingly at Mike.
Mike was not too surprised. “Yeah. Go on.”
“Wow.” Posh said and turned back to the phone, concluding. “I am so happy guys and relieved. I thank God for the healing of mom and I believe that, he is going to heal you too, Mike. Jesus is able and he is so good, keep asking him. Ps. Read Jeremiah 30:17”
“Amen.” Mike said nodding.
“It’s unbelievable.” Posh reckoned. “Wow, God is so powerful.”
“It’s encouraging. I wonder where we were all this time. The devil is such a liar.”
She smiled, nodding her head as she reckoned, “truly. God is good.”
"Amen." He agreed.
She read the message silently again and asked him, “Have you read this verse?”
“Yes.” He said. “The pastor’s Bible. Oh. He left it.” He stretched his left arm to the Bible beside his lap and opened it. “Jeremiah 30, right?”
“Yeah, 30, 17.” She replied.
“Amh. The verse goes; for I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord, because they have called thee an outcast, saying this is Zion for whom no man seeketh after” he read and said,  “Amen.”
“So, God promises to heal you.” She elaborated to him.
“Yes.” He agreed. “How is your case going?”
She packed her phone. “I’m out on bail.”
“Can’t I just say that you didn’t shoot me?” He asked, indignantly.
“I confessed. I will get out of this. Thank you for worrying about me.”
He sighed. “Who is fighting for you in court?”
“I haven’t gone to court yet. There’s no need. But, Mr. Hurts is my lawyer.”
“So, who’s accusing you?”
“The police department.”
“Can’t I just file a statement to omit everything and claim that they should no longer persecute you?”
She shrugged. “I don’t know but, I’ll be fine, Mike, don’t worry.”
“No. Tell me, what is the punishment you’ll get?”
“Maybe public chores. They know that I’m in school.”
He sighed.
She looked pitifully at him. “I will be alright. I’m ready for it and besides that, Jesus will take care of me.”
“Alright.” He consented at last.
“So, how are you feeling?” She inquired.
“I broke a shoulder blade. It’s a good thing that I’m left handed.”
“Will it heal?” She asked, feeling worried. 
He smiled at her. “Of course, with God all things are possible.”
Posh smiled at her and they continued chatting for a long while.
The pastor returned later bringing lunch with him and they all ate together joyfully.
God had replaced the four’s terrible unsatisfied life with joy and peace.


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TWO WEEKS - Episode 27 (Fangs-turned-Faith)

Downstairs, Chris watched his brother as he raised their radio volume.
They stood inside the large living room of their house and Wayne stretched his hand with the remote, toward the Music System, controlling the tempo.
“The song is good.” Chris commented.
Wayne turned to him. “Yeah. We thank God for that.”
“We? You and?”
“The team. We have a band in college. Together, we made up this song.”
Chris was amazed. “Wow. I can’t wait to hear your part.”
“Oh. You’ll be amazed to know that, you are hearing it.”
Chris furrowed his eyebrows in queer.
Wayne only grinned at him.
Chris laughed when he realized it. “Oh bro. How could I have missed it? Wow. The beat right?”
Wayne nodded, smiling.
“You’re good. Seriously bro.”
Wayne thanked him. “You hear the lady singing the chorus?”
“Yeah. She’s cool.”
“Her name is Vicky. She’s the one who composed the song. I’ve never met a person so God-fearing like Vicky before. She is the true example of how a person should live toward God. She knows the Word of God, she is so kind and humble. God has made her that way.”
“And gave her a talent as well. A New Yorker?”
Wayne shook his head. “On the contrary, she is an African young lady coming from East Africa. A place called, Dar.”
“Oh. From Africa. Amazing.”
“So special.” Wayne said, remembering her.
“Dar, Dar. Is it in Kenya?”
“No, no. I don’t think so. The state starts with T.”
“Oh. Tanzania.”
Wayne nodded. “Have you ever heard of that place?”
“I’ve been to Arusha. It’s in the Northern part of Tanzania." He shared at length and added, "we were with the embassy for a conference in ICC. Dar must be the short form of Dar es Salaam.”
Wayne smiled. “Yeah. She told me that.”
Chris turned back to the radio. “And the boys are great.”
“That’s Kyle. He used to be a bad guy. God changed us all.”
“I want him to change me.”
“He will make everything work for your favor Chris.”
He smiled hopefully. “Amen.”
“So, will you please help me make something?”
“I’m open.” Chris replied with out-stretched arms.
“Yeah. It’s pasta but, no ordinary pasta. Vicky pasta. She makes the best pasta, ever. I only tasted her pasta once. I hope, I would be able to make anything close to it with our ingredients here.”
Chris rubbed his chin, following his brother, who was already exiting the room, to the kitchen.  “So, she also cooks, ha?”
“Yeah.” Wayne replied, comfortably.
They entered the kitchen and Wayne walked to the cupboard. “Now, do we have any spices, here...?” He wondered aloud.
Chris leaned on the threshold of the wide kitchen of maroon floor and white tiled walls. “Tell me more about this Vicky.”
“Well… She cooks, she loves God. She is a giver as well. She is very kind and could advise you in anything.” He said, opening the cupboards and turned back to Chris, “She is the one who introduced Jesus to me.”
“She sounds very awesome.”
“Yes.” Wayne agreed immediately. “You should meet her.”
Chris nodded slowly with his lips pouted forward.
Wayne narrowed his eyes at his brother. “Why do you look at me like that?”
Chris drew from the wall, stretching his hands in defense. “Nothing, nothing.”
Wayne shook his head and turned back to the cupboard.
“What happened with Sasha Cruise?” Chris asked, purposely.
“Oh. You remind me to call her today and tell her that I’m home. She’s doing better in Boston General Hospital.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
Wayne shook a tin of spices in his hands. “Full. You haven’t cooked for a while.”
“Check if they haven’t expired.”
Wayne did. “Too old.”
“We have to get fresh spices I guess.”
Wayne turned to him. “Yeah. Can I borrow your car keys?”
“Let’s drive together bro. There’s a lot of catching up we need to do.”
Wayne smiled and followed him out.


The two left the house and acquired the ingredients in a market downtown. Many of the neighbors who saw the brothers together, were amazed.
They ended up getting more than enough groceries to suffice for a whole month. Carrying the bags in the house, Wayne thought of extending his leave. He looked forward to a lot of great things with his family. He thanked God for the change of his heart and for the renovation of his home.

Back in Manhattan, Victoria arrived the record company with the rest of the Faith Band.
She stayed outside the office of the producer with Deborah, waiting as Kyle and the original crew of the band, briefed the producer about the change of songs.
The whole band was fasted that day, to overtake the will of the producer and of the label company.
As Deborah and Vicky hovered anxiously in the waiting hall, the office door opened and the heavily built producer walked out with the Salvation CD. His face was red and wrinkled and Vicky crossed her fingers when he halted in front of her and Deborah.
The boys stood worriedly behind him.
“You are?” He asked Vicky.
“Victoria.” She replied, confidently.
“You insist that, I will love this song?”
She widened her eyes in assurance, nodding. “Yeah. Try it out.”
“Do you realize that, the market demands specific contents despite the beats and voices?”
“They will love it," was her response.
He sighed. “Follow me.” He said and instantly increased pace to a door at the end of the hall.
The band followed him, murmuring about what the producer spoke to the boys in his office.
“Keep praying in your heart guys.” Kyle whispered.

The producer led them to a large recording studio which also had more guys wearing the company shirts.
There was one other guy behind a glass wall, separating himself from his voice instructor, who stood in front of a set of controls.
At his entry, the crew turned to their boss and greeted him.
He signaled to the artist and faced the instructor, waving the CD to him. “Play this.”
“Okay boss.” The man replied and pressed a button at the bottom of the control machine. He inserted the disc when the compartment opened and they all waited as it loaded.
“It’s no rock.” The producer begun, discriminating the song when the beats started,
Vicky’s voice came with the refrain.
The crew stayed quiet, being fond of the voice.

There is salvation in no one else!
Except Jesus Christ who died for us.
For there’s no other name given among men!
By which we might be saved.

The crew smiled at the interjection of the boys’ voices in the first verse and as the song went on, some of them were cheering.
The producer had his eyebrows furrowed in queer. He did not expect the song to be that good.
The artist behind the glass had to abandon his post, in order to hear closely what the others were enjoying.
The rest of the band sighed with relief when at the last verse which Kyle sang, the whole room clapped and cheered.

“Kyle. I didn’t know that you could sing.”  The instructor said as the song ended.
Some of the other crew members pat Kyle’s shoulder.
He smiled modestly, thanking them.
“Who composed the beat?” Was the producer’s first question, before the instructor took out the CD.
“Our friend. Wayne Harts. He’s left New York though.” Kyle replied.
“Aside from minor acoustic corrections, the song can be produced as it is. What do you say boss?” The instructor said.
“It preaches about Jesus but, I’ve seen the reaction it causes in everyone’s heart.” The producer said to Kyle and turned to the crew. “We will produce the song.” He announced.
“YEEY!!” the band shouted, embracing each other with joy.
The crew laughed, being happy on their behalf.
“Thank you Jesus!” Kyle exclaimed.
“Amen thanks God.” Deborah, Vicky and the rest of the band said in turns.
The producer awed their faith. It touched his own heart.
“Okay. Back into the booth, Jeremy. Boys, girls? Please wait outside; we’ll do re-recording and make the corrections but, we will use the original beats.” The instructor told the artist, and directed the Faith Band.
“And one more thing boss,” Kyle said. “We would like a change of name.”
The producer arched his eyebrow in queer. “Yes?”
“We want a change of the name Fangs to Faith.” Kyle said.
His friends nodded.
The producer did not seem pleased by the proposition.
“You’ve changed your faith?” The instructor asked, before the producer said anything.
Kyle turned to him and said, "Yes."
“That will be a lot. Do you plan to always compose Christian music?” the producer asked.
Kyle turned to the others for support and they nodded to him. He faced the producer. “Yes.”
“If they will be as good as this then, alright.” The producer agreed.
The band exclaimed again, thanking God.
“Amen, Amen.” The instructor called aloud. “Faith band!”
The room laughed.
The producer took out the phone from his jeans pocket. “Let me call Counselor Martin. He’ll handle the paperwork.”
“Thank you boss.” Kyle said on behalf of his group.
“It’s fine.” He said simply and exited the room, talking with the lawyer.
The artist returned into his booth and the rest of the band, left the room, waiting for their turn to record.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TWO WEEKS - Episode 26 (Healing)

From the upper room of the house, Mrs. Harts could hear the commotion outside.
She followed the events from the moment the kids were making noise and the dogs were barking. Right then, she asked her husband, who was now out, to check who had arrived.
As she lied on her matrimonial bed, helpless and in terrible condition, Mrs. Harts stared emptily at the door of the room, opposite her.
She waited for it to open just one last time.
Three days ago, Dr. Fischer said that, she was surely going to die.
For a time, she saw people whose funerals she had visited, coming to see her. Even now, her mother stood beside her, by the bed, with her palms holding together, wearing her favorite dress.
‘You still have hope?’ Mom was asking.
Mrs. Harts did not look at her. “He is here.”
‘Veronica darling. I know how you feel. I felt the same way before I had to leave you.’
Mrs. Harts shut her eyes lazily, swallowing with difficulty. She reopened them again. “You’re not real.”
‘You honestly don’t think that or do you?’
Mrs. Harts was silent. She was so angry at her condition and the words of her mother aggravated her.
They had no good relationship when mom was still alive and Mrs. Harts believed that, the curse flowed to her own generation. She frowned and snapped. “I do.”
‘You don’t believe that!’ Mom shouted. ‘I waited for you Veronica but, you never walked through that door!’ She cried.
“My son’s back. That changes everything.” Mrs. Harts said loudly.
‘No!’ Mom shouted. ‘You’re coming with me! You’re coming, now!’ She declared.
Immediately, Mrs. Harts gasped, popping out her eyes and feeling her breath being taken out of her.
Suddenly, the room became noisy and her vision became blur.
She struggled, releasing tears of pain, trying to maintain her focus on the door.
She felt her throat being turned within her neck and the pangs of the most painful death, seizing her.
She felt so grievous when she could no longer keep her eyes open.
Amidst the screams and shattering glass sounds, she heard the door burst open and somebody shouting; ‘Jesus!’
At the mention of the name; Mrs. Harts felt a short relief.
“In the name of Jesus!” The voice came again stressfully. “I cast out the spirit of death in this room!”
Mrs. Harts heard the clanging noise subside. Now, the only voices she heard were the echo of shouts and a name repeated; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
She swallowed, marveling at the lightening of the pangs on her body and of the grip around her throat.
She heard a pleading and the voice of who made it, was clear in Mrs. Harts’ ears.
“Father please? I beg you to heal my mother in the name of Jesus.” It was Astrophe.
He drew close to Mrs. Harts and she felt it because of the warmth coming close to her head.
Maybe he was standing at her head and praying for her.
“Jesus. You said that; we will lay our hands on the sick and they will recover. Please, heal my mother now and make me realize that, you are God and art powerful.”
He said placed his stretched palm resting over her forehead.
Immediately, Mrs. Harts felt like a shock run through her body. Though, the shock was more powerful than the last one, it was not violent or agonizing.
In an instant, she felt like, throngs that had limited her body released her.
She had no pain and strangely, she felt hungry.
She opened her eyes and saw Astrophe, clearly now, along with her husband and firstborn son, standing behind him.
Astrophe looked amazed and he broke into a cry, thanking God.
Mr. Harts (Wayne's dad) also stared shockingly at his wife, being estranged by the recovery she portrayed.
Chris was baffled. “Mom.” He called.
Astrophe turned from looking at the heavens and down to her mother. He embraced her strongly. Crying he said, “Mom. Mom, I’m so sorry.”
Mrs. Harts was still in shock while her whole family held her. She looked for her mom but, she could not find her.
She broke into a laughter, puzzling everyone in the room.
They boys drew back, wiping their tears.
“Mom. Are you alright?” Chris was asking.
Mrs. Harts easily sat up, to everybody’s amazement. “I’m healed!" She reckoned aloud. “I’m healed. I don’t feel any pain!" She shouted.
Astrophe smiled.
Mr. Harts laughed and embraced her wife as she rose from the bed.
“Oh honey.” He cried and kissed her.
Chris hugged Wayne, crying with him.
“Oh. Thank you, thank you.” Mrs. Harts said gratefully, holding with her husband.
They parted and turned to the boys.
“Astrophe my son.” She called him and threw her hands around him.
“I’m sorry mom, I did everything wrong to you,” he cried.
Mrs. Harts drew back and kissed her son’s forehead. “Forget about that.” She relieved him. “I thought that, I’d never see you again.”
Wayne cried.
Mom drew back. “Thank you.”
“It’s Jesus mom. We should all thank Jesus for your healing.”
Dad drew closer. “Jesus. He could do that?”
Wayne turned to him. “Yes dad. He healed mom. Just like he promised me.”
“Jesus.” Christopher repeated. “That’s amazing.”
“I want to know more about him.” Mom said nodding.
“He is the savior of our lives. He is a healer. He is a Dad. He is the creator of heaven and earth.” Wayne declared.
“I don’t understand.” Chris confessed. “I’ve heard of Jesus but, I never believed that he existed or he could do such miracles.”
Wayne nodded to him. “He does that and more.” He turned to his father. “Can we all be acquainted with this God?”
Dad nodded along with mom.
“Okay. Please, I want you to repeat after me.”
“Okay.” Mom replied instantly.
“Our Father.”
“Our Father.” The family chorused with their eyes closed.
“Thank you because you love us. So, much.”
“Thank you because you love us. So, much.” They repeated emotionally.
“Thank you for the demonstration of mom’s healing.”
“Thank you for the demonstration of mom’s healing.”
“Thank you for the demonstration of my healing.” Mom said.
“In the name of Jesus.” Wayne went on, joyfully.
“In the name of Jesus.” They repeated.
“I receive Jesus Christ as the Savior of my life.”
“I receive Jesus Christ as the Savior of my life.”
“And I ask that you would forgive all my sins.”
“And I ask that you would forgive all my sins.”
“In the name of Jesus Christ.”
“In the name of Jesus Christ.”
They all opened their eyes and smiled at each other.
“It’s a great day in heaven.” Wayne said with a smile on his face.
“We should have a celebration of our own.” Dad suggested, having his arm around his wife.
The boys laughed happily.
“Yes dad.” Wayne replied. “But, since we are so thankful to God and well, we missed a lot of time being together, let us all get ready and meet downstairs for catching up. I will have a Word ready and we can all share it and glorify God.”
“Yeah. You are right.” Chris agreed. “It’s marvelous what God has just done to our family. You know, I still can’t believe that, mom is healed just like that. We thought that, she was going to die.”
Mom shook her head sympathetically. “I thank you Jesus.”
“God is wonderful and he loves us.” Dad acknowledged.
“We were such a wreck of a family you know.” Chris added
“I thank God for his greatness and mercies.” Wayne said.
“Amen, Amen.” The others replied in turns.
“So, boys? Catch us down stairs while I and your mom prepare for the small re-union chitchat.” Dad said, looking at his wife.
Mom smiled at him.
“Chris, will you help me get, something ready for lunch?”
“Please get to that. I’m starving.” Mom interjected.
The family laughed.
Chris nodded. “Sure bro. Whatchu making?”
“Follow me.” Wayne replied instead.
They left together out of the room and Mr. Harts turned to his wife.


The couple sat on the bed being full of smiles on their faces.
“I thank God for you darling.” Dad said.
“Thank you dear. It’s marvelous. In a second.” She shook her head with disbelief and looked up to the havens. “He is God.”
“We should begin to go to church and thank him. Mrs. Wendy has always invited us.”
Mrs. Harts nodded in agreement. “Yes. We have to turn toward him completely. We should also have a thanksgiving offering.”
“Yeah. I’ve thought of that, the moment we were thanking Jesus.”
Mrs. Harts smiled. “I thank God for Astrophe.”
“Yes. The boy has changed.”
“Oh, I could never have dreamed of this day. Half of my life, I spent on this bed; I could never watch my sons grow up; I could think of them as monsters.
"The day Astrophe left this house, I was sure that, I would never see him again but, behold; Jesus brought him back.” She said and sighed deeply, releasing tears of gratitude. “I thank this God. I want to serve him forever.”
“He loves us so unconditionally honey. We haven’t given him anything but, he brought our son back and he brought you back. Let us live toward him. In any circumstances, I know that, God loves us and he is very powerful.”
Mom wiped her tears and nodded. “Let’s praise him honey. I don’t want to miss out a thing that involves God. We are going to go to church, we are going to read the Bible and we are going to pray.”
“Amen honey. I am with you in that 100%. Let us see more of Jesus in our lives.” Dad said before the wooden floor of the room begun to vibrate from the music downstairs.
“That is Apphy.” Mom reckoned.
“But now, hear the words of the song.”

There is Salvation in no one else!
Except Jesus Christ who died for us.
For there’s no other name given among men!
By which we might be saved.

“Amen.” Mom said after the refrain sounded. “The song is true and good.”
“It is good that our son nowadays plays gospel music.” Dad said.
“I wouldn’t want to hear any other sound after what God did to me.” Mom added.
Dad nodded.


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TWO WEEKS - PART III (Forgiveness)


The journey to Ohio was longer than Astrophe expected. Maybe because he was worried and anxious of how he would find his home.
Throughout the flight, he was reading the Bible and murmuring silent prayers for the recovery of his mother. He also got a chance of preaching to a middle-aged man who sat with him on the plane.
The man saw Astrophe reading a Bible and was interested to know why Astrophe had it.
Astrophe told him about Jesus Christ and the miracles he did and even testified to him about his two weeks transformation. The man was very amazed and he agreed to receive Christ and test being a follower of Jesus for two weeks to see if his own life would change.
When the plane landed, Wayne/ Astrophe took the man’s escort because, he was also going to the same town that, Astrophe was heading to. He dropped Astrophe at a stop where he could take one bus to home.
While in the bus, Wayne thought of thanking God for his mothers’ recovery. He recalled that, Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen.
He stepped out of the bus and begun strolling on the pavement way of his familiar neighborhood.
It was 1pm and the sun was high up in the sky. The iron sheets of countless row of houses, reflected the sun’s light and glittered in the valley.
Astrophe came to a store a few blocks from his home and greeted a new man behind the counter.
“What can I get you?” The man asked.
“Just a big bag of candy, tin of coffee and … spaghetti.”
The man raised his eyebrows queering the order and turned to his collection of foodstuff to get Astrophe what he wanted.
Astrophe looked outside the store through the glass entrance and noticed the empty streets once again. “What happened to all the kids?”
“Excuse me?” The store-keeper asked, placing a bag with Astrophe’s things on the counter.
“I’m asking about the kids.”
Shortly a purr sounded on the driveway.
“There they are.” The store-keeper announced.
Astrophe smiled, taking out his wallet. “They must have all grown up.”
“That depends. How long have you been away?”
“Just a few years.”
“Maybe not all of them have grown up then.”
Just then, some kids appeared outside the glass door of the store, in blue coats and dark shorts.
They beamed at Astrophe, struggling to open the door.
Astrophe smiled and walked forward, and let them inside.
“Apphy!” They exclaimed, jumping over him.
Astrophe laughed, carrying two of the six year olds in his hands. “Hey, you? Samantha, Beck. You’re all too heavy now.”
The little girl kissed his side cheek, “Where did you go?”
“My mother said that, you are a judge and you take people to prison.” Beck added quickly, making Astrophe laugh.
He felt another kid pulling his trousers and he bent his head down to glance at a familiar face. “Hey? Twinny?”
The little girl popped her cheeks and exclaimed, “Apphy!”
He turned back to the store-keeper. “Thanks bro. I’ll get going with these bunnies.”
Samantha hit him and giggled.
“Ouch! I’ll bring you down now.” He warned her, aiming at the slowly crowding door.
Beck joined her in the laughter.
“That’s it!” Astrophe said and lowered the kids just outside the store, only to be overwhelmed by more 4, 5 and 6 year olds.
“Apphy!” The children took the liberty to announce his presence throughout the neighborhood.
“Hey, Hey!” Astrophe tried to hush them.
But, the kids crowded him and grabbed his bag.
“What’s in it?” They took turns in asking.
“Be careful with that Willy. Only take the packet of candy.” He said to a young black boy who held his shopping bag.
Wayne managed to stand and now, he could count at least the whole kindergarten around him.
He sighed, looking across the street. A door of a two story building opened and a boy came out, holding a leash with his bulldog.
The dog barked vehemently and released itself from his master, running over the fence of the house, as he signaled other dogs in the street and more teenage boys, to jump over Astrophe.
He could not breathe with a bunch of dogs overweighing him and licking his face. The kids laughed without lifting a finger to help him.
Oh Jesus. He was thinking, struggling to free himself from at least one of the beasts.
The first teenage boy called out his dog and calmed the other dogs.
Astrophe rose from the ground, wiping the yack from his face and his clothes.
The children laughed.
He frowned at them, shaking his head.
“Apphy!” The first boy hugged him.
Wayne tottered back a few steps, receiving the warm embrace. “Mark… I missed you too.”
The boy drew back. “What happened to you, man? It’s like, you vanished from the face of the earth.”
“It doesn’t matter now. I’m here, ain’t I?”
“Don’t you ever, ever, go away.” Samantha warned Wayne, on behalf of the kindergartens.
Wayne smiled at her. “How about, I take you with me?”
She blushed.
“Is it true that you take people to jail?” another of the older boys asked, catching Wayne’s attention.
“No. Contrary to that, I try to keep people from going to jail.” He replied and turned to the children. “Shall we be going?”
“You should see your mom.” Another boy spoke from the company.
Wayne gulped. He was scared again. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will act. He recalled and turned to the boy, squinting his eyes to glance at him under the scorching sun. “I’m here for that, how is she?”
“She is dying.” Samantha replied, walking beside Wayne’s legs.
He sighed deeply and remained silent for a while.
“I believe that she is going to be fine.” Mark said.
Wayne turned to him. “Yeah?” He asked, carelessly.
“Because, seeing you again will make her better.” Mark explained.
“We’ve been praying for her in Sunday school.” Samantha said.
“Mrs. Wendy says that, she is going to be fine.” Beck added.
“Sam, have you been praying to Jesus for my mother?” Wayne asked her.
Samantha nodded.
“Thank you. Do you know that Jesus loves children?” Wayne wanted to know. 
“Jesus loves kids.” Willy said on his own.
“So, Jesus is going to heal your mom or, take her to heaven.” Samantha commented.
“I want her to stay a bit longer on earth.” Wayne confessed.
The boys laughed.
“Then, Jesus will keep her here… till she becomes very old.” Samantha said, widening her arms to describe old.
Wayne managed a chuckle. He was still worried.
From there, he could see his house.

The tree climbers had now hid the original maroon color of the walls. Only the white painted window bars, brightened the house.
Wayne recalled that, it was their mom who used to cut the weeds away. She always said that, they brought insects into the house.
He recognized the black salon Mercedes just outside the low white barred fence that surrounded their single story house.
It belonged to Christopher. Keeping it outside meant that, he was about to go out.
Was mom so sick? Was she even at home?
He was then comforted by his father’s pickup truck that was clearly visible in the open garage at the side of the house.
Mom was around alright, otherwise, the car wouldn’t have been there.
Wayne heard the kids talking but, he could not concentrate or reply them. He stared at his house and by chance, caught sight of the glass window.
A curtain beyond it was etched a bit and Wayne felt his heartbeat stop when his gaze met with his father’s.
Dad seemed startled.
Astrophe didn’t know what to feel.
He paused walking and said to his escort, “thank you guys. I’ll,” he sighed. “I’ll take it from here.”
“We’ll just be here.” Samantha said.
“Sam, lets’ take you home.” Mark said, grabbing her.
She cried. “No, no. I wanna see Apphy’s mom.”
“Me too.” Wily said.
“Beck, Wily. Let’s go.” Another of the boys ordered, taking the children’s hands.
Wayne sparsely paid attention to what was happening behind him. He took slow steady steps along the side walk to his home.

He saw the front door opening and there appeared Chris in a white shirt and black trousers.
He held on to the door for a while, staring at Wayne, shockingly.
Soon enough, dad appeared behind him in a blue drafted shirt and khaki shorts.
The two watched Wayne approach the front gate, like they were seeing a ghost.
Probably like him, Wayne thought, his family were amazed to see him.
Their last encounter was a rough one and Wayne shouted that, he would never return.
Chris, who always crushed Wayne’s dreams and his life, took Wayne’s decision as the right one. The three were so caught up in their differences so that, they neglected mom’s groaning and mourning in the upper floor of the house.
Wayne did not know what happened afterward, except his father’s call a month ago.
Now. Standing a few feet from dad and Chris, Wayne, dropped on his knees, releasing tears.
He took in a deep a breath, looking at his father who also wrinkled his face with pain.
“Dad.” Wayne called in agony.
Dad broke into a cry and scurried down the patio to Wayne, falling down to hug him.
“Astrophe. My son.” Dad cried.
Wayne wept with him, holding his father strongly. He did so as though, dad was going to evaporate and the reunion was just a dream.
Chris remained standing at the patio of the house, shaking his wrist nervously. He could not comprehend what was just happening and he did not know how to react.
Physically, Chris was Wayne's double; by height, color and even his face. But, he kept a beard and combed back his brown hair off his forehead unlike Wayne, who maintained a fringe and kept his chin shaven.
Wayne drew back from the embrace to look at his dad and ask him the matter at hand. “Where is mother? She’s alive. She is alive.” He said, convincing himself. “She is still alive.”
Dad smiled at him and nodded. “Yes she is.”
Wayne laughed between tears and got on his feet with his father’s aid.
They turned to Chris and he was eyeing Wayne with confused emotions. Probably, he was still or even more angry at him.
Wayne took in a deep breath, thinking; Jesus, I was told that, you fix relationships. Please fix this one which is very hard for me. Please?
Chris waited as Wayne drew close, looking somberly at him.
Wayne halted at a single step from Chris and Chris thought of drawing back but, hesitated.
Unlike Chris expected, Wayne dropped on his knees again, looking up to him.
Chris popped out his eyes at him in amazement and worry. He was confused.
“Christopher.” Wayne called and sighed deeply. “I am sorry for everything I ever did wrong to you. You’re my brother and I never respected that.” He paused, squeezing his eyes shut and releasing more tears. “There is a reason why, a reason why you’re a prominent attorney. I needed and I still do, to learn from you.” He glanced up at Chris, whose countenance had already melted, with his eyes stinging with tears. “Chris. I am so sorry. I am willing to do anything so that, you can forgive me. Please? I beg you.”
Christopher strangled his hand into a fist with which, he knocked his forehead as he turned away; a thing he did when he was overwhelmed with emotions.
Wayne waited patiently for his response and Chris turned back to him, having released tears. He bent down to Wayne and held him up, sobbing with him.
“It’s okay bro.” He spoke for the first time.
Wayne cried on his brother’s back and dad joined them, patting his sons’ sides.
“I am sorry too bro.” Chris said, within the moment. “I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t do anything. It has always been my fault.” Wayne told him as they drew apart.
Christopher held his brother’s shoulders. “No. bro, tell me that you’ve forgiven me.”
Wayne shook his head in disapproval. “I’m the only one who should be sorry.”
“Bro. Please?” He begged him and sniffed. “Forgive me.”
Wayne took his time and nodded.
“Say it?” Chris asked him.
Wayne took a deep breath and said. “I’ve forgiven you, bro.”
Chris nodded and hugged his brother again for a fair amount of time.


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TWO WEEKS - Episode 24


Wayne stood for some time beside Mike’s bed. The doctors had said that, Mike was going to recover soon as, blood was being transmitted to him. 
Watching Mike lay pale on the bed, Wayne prayed sensitively for his recuperation.
At one time, he opened his eyes, glanced at Mike and sighed, making the decision of leaving and return later in the evening.
Wayne heard a whisper that made him turn back to the bed.
“Water," Mike murmured with his eyes closed.
Wayne broke into a short silent laugh and drew to a table beside the bed where a water bottle and a pack of cotton wool were. 
He dabbed the wool with the water and touched Mike’s dry lips with it. “Save your strength bro. You will be fine.” He told him.
Mike lifted his eyelids slowly, managing a smile as he recognized his friend. “Wayne… ma men.”
Wayne laughed. “That’s right. I’m here men.” He said before retreating the wool to its place.
Mike coughed a little and Wayne turned to him.
“Are you okay? How are you feeling?” Wayne asked him.
“I can’t feel my right shoulder. I was shot, right?” Mike replied and asked.
Wayne nodded. “Yes.”
“Oh.” Mike sighed and took some time, gathering strength to add, “do they know who shot me?”
“Yes.” Wayne replied.
“Where is she?” he inquired in agony.
“They took her to the station. Mr. Hurts is working on her bail. She will be fine and out soon.”
“It was my…” he swallowed. “My fault Wayne. Please get Posh out of there and tell them I shot myself.”
“They got the video. But, she’s going to get out.”
Mike stayed silent. He struggled to speak and shut his eyes, lazily opening them again. “I never thought that, my life will get to this.” He said painfully.
“Mike. You don’t have to continue this way either.”
Unlike Wayne expected, Mike released a tear. “I was dying, right?”
“You lost a lot of blood it’s a great thing that, I found you just in time.”
Mike smiled a little at that. “Thank you men.”
“Thank God. He has given you another chance to live. Jesus still has a purpose with your life.”
He eyed him for a while. “I see that, you’ve changed.”
Wayne smiled, nodding. “It’s God.”
“Two weeks, right?” Mike asked.
“Yes.” Wayne replied, just realizing that. “Can a man encounter God and his life not change?” he wondered loudly.
Mike looked away. “That African girl was right.” He admitted. “She never assimilated our ways. God is superior than anything. Truly, he doesn’t forsake those who cling to him.”
Wayne narrowed his eyes staring at Mike. He was amazed by the heavy words by which spoke. Was he dying or something?
“Mike?” Wayne called.
Mike turned back to him. “Yes?”
“Do you wish to receive Jesus?”
“Do you think that, he would like me? I am not worthy to be called a Christian.”
“The Bible says that, I came to call the sinners and not the righteous to repentance.” He said and drew closer to emphasize, “Mike, you are more than qualified to be a Christian.”
He swallowed, releasing more tears. “I don’t want to receive him and get back to drugs. I don’t want to be an addict, Wayne. I want to be God’s and his completely.”
Wayne nodded strongly with tears sparkling his eyes. “I am sure that, Jesus will make you, wholly his.”
Mike managed a chuckle.
Wayne smiled. “Okay. Repeat after me. Our father who art in heaven.”
Mike shut his eyes and repeated emotionally, “Our father who art in heaven.”
“Thank you because you love me.”
“Thank you because you love me.”
“Thank you for sending Jesus, to die on the cross for me.”
“Thank you, thank you for sending Jesus, to die on the cross for me.”
“Please forgive all my sins.”
“Please forgive all my sins.”
“Please help me to follow you, Lord.”
“Please help me to follow you, Lord.”
“And make me yours completely.”
“And make me yours completely.”
“I deny Satan and all his works.”
“I deny Satan and all his works.”
“And I accept Jesus Christ as the savior of my life.”
“And I accept Jesus Christ as the savior of my life.”
Mike reopened his eyes and so did Wayne.
“How do you feel?” Wayne repeated the same question that, Vicky asked him two weeks past when she led him through the prayers of repentance.
Mike glanced at him. “Maybe lighter.”
Wayne smiled. “And you will be healed.”
Mike smiled and shut his eyes slowly. “I think, I’m falling asleep.”
“It’s the medication.”
“It’s Jesus” Mike corrected him and dozed off.
Wayne grinned, thanking God inwardly.


The evening of that day, Vicky arrived the large Music hall of the Derby. She paused at the threshold staring at the empty hall.
There was a pack of seats at one side, close to a set of violin and classical music instruments. A row of the audience seats was situated at the opposite side and a recording booth with a glass entrance, was stationed just few yards behind the audience chairs.
The music hall was alone and quite. She didn’t expect to find it that way.
Nevertheless, Vicky walked in and sat at the front row of the audience, staring emptily at the violins.
She sighed.
Truly the group was occupied with the shooting that took place earlier that morning. It was not too widespread but, there were rumors of it.
Thinking about that, Vicky shut her eyes in prayers, asking God for his mercies to class 100.

“I knew I’d find you here.”
A voice that filled the hall, interrupted Vicky and made her span around quickly.
“Sorry. I startled you?” It was Wayne. He asked, climbing down a couple of stairs to the audience seats.
She smiled a little. “No. I have been worried about you.”
He smiled back, having drawn close enough to give her a handshake. “Thank you.”
“Tell me what happened.” She requested.
He sighed with exhaustion and sat next to her. “Men, I had a long day but, I thank God because, everything worked out fine in the end.”
“That is great to hear. And who was shot?”
“Oh, so I see that the news has already spread.” He reckoned.
She shook her head. “I found out through other means. The issue is merely a rumor.”
“Okay. It was Mike.”
She seemed sorrowful but, did not express surprise. “I am very sorry. How is he doing right now?”
“He is out of danger. The doctors have assured us that, he would be fine.”
She smiled gladly. “That is great and your other friend?”
He furrowed his eyebrows. “Who are you talking about? Posh?”
“So, it’s her.”
He grimaced. “What was your source?”
“God told me.”
He raised his eyebrows in amazement. “Wow. Really?”
“Yes and led me to submit your assignment.”
His mouth dropped open in amazement. “What? Now I understand why, Mr. Hurts said that, he received my assignment.”
She grinned.
“Truly, God is good.” He acknowledged.
“All the time.” She replied.
He nodded and said. “Anyway, Posh is out on bail.”
“That is great.”
“Right. Thank you for your prayers.”
“You’re welcome.” She replied smiling. “So, you said something like, you were looking for me?”
He nodded. “Yeap. I checked you at your place but, I couldn’t find you.”
“I thought we would have rehearsals. I missed the fact that, the whole band’s made of your class.”
“Oh yeah. The guys were a bit shaken by what happened. Some are at the hospital, others are at Posh’s place showing support; you understand.”
“I do and… you are here.”
“Yes.” He said and paused, to add. “I’ve got news about Annie.”
Her face became inquisitive. “How is she? How did it go in New Mexico?”
He sighed. “Her father died.”
She blinked quickly, freezing as she absorbed the news. “Oh my God,” she whispered.
“Yes.” He affirmed. “Mr. Hurts informed us that, Mrs. Earl took leave from the office to stay longer in New Mexico after her husband’s death.”
She sighed deeply. “I can imagine how much a tragedy this is to Annie. Have you talked to her?”
“I tried calling her since this afternoon and left plenty of messages. She is not reachable. I wanted to make her aware that, she is not on her own.”
“I miss her so much, I wish that I could speak to her.”
“Same here.” He said and sighed. “When are you going to have your phone?”
She scratched her head. She did not expect that question. “Well. I want to have a laptop first.”
“I can lend you money to purchase a new phone. You’ll return to me whenever you can.”
“Thank you very much. I will be fine.”
“It’s important that you have a mobile phone. I tried to reach you earlier today but, I couldn’t get to you. Now I just have to guess where you may be or, the Holy Spirit has to guide me.”
She laughed a little. “Let the Holy Spirit guide you.”
“He’s guiding me to give you a loan for a phone.”
“Come on Wayne? I will be fine.”
“And if I want to reach you while I’m away?”
She raised her eyebrows in surprise. She was puzzled by two things; him wanting to reach her and him going away.
“Don’t look at me like that. You know that, you are the only person that I can confide to about a lot of things; spiritually, socially.” He paused, finding more words. “I am going home tomorrow to see my family. I am scared.”
She took a moment to respond. He sounded really terrified and she wanted to choose her words carefully. A word came to her mind. “Psalm 37:5 says; commit your way to the Lord, trust in him and he will act.”
He took out his phone from his pocket and perused his Bible app. “37 verse 5… okay; commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will act.” He read and turned to her, surely waiting for the sermon.
“Tell God where you’re going and all about your journey. Tell him how you feel about it and just trust that, he will sustain your mother’s life and your family’s welfare. He will surely act.”
He nodded silently.
“You know, the issue about trusting is; for example when you were kid and your dad would go to work and tell you that, he will bring you a present. You would go around the house joyfully and even tell the neighbors’ kids that, you are going to have a toy or a present from your daddy.” She explained and he laughed a little. She smiled too and added, “so, with God its’ the same. Only that, he has more power and influence than our earthly fathers.”
“Yeah. You’re right, you’re right.” He agreed, nodding.
“Go to the same Psalm. Chapter 12 and verse 6.” She instructed him.
He perused the Word again. “The promises of the Lord are promises that are pure, silver refined in a furnace on the ground, seven times,” he read.
“So, there. God never lies. Trust in him and he will act.”
He nodded to that and lowered the phone to his lap. “Thank you Vicky. I want you to know that, you have been so good to me. May God bless you so much.”
She smiled modestly. “Amen thank you Wayne.”
“I’ll tell my mom about you.”
She laughed a bit. “Wow. Thank you.”
He pocketed his phone. “So, I won’t talk to you till I get back?” he asked.
“You can leave me with your number.” She suggested.
“Do you have a place to write?” He asked.
She turned to her bag to look for a pen and a piece of paper but, could not find them. “I thought I carried… oops, I left my diary on the bed.”
“Okay it’s alright then, you can call me through Kyle or either of the boys from the band or Posh.”
She nodded.
He rose. “What can I get you from Ohio?”
She grinned, making her comely face, look like a baby. “Oh. It’s not necessary.”
“Seriously, tell me, what do you like?”
She glanced away, vainly searching among the violin sets for her thing. “I’m not sure. I’m no fond of anything special.”
“Okay. What’s your favorite color?”
“Green Apple.”
He nodded. “I’ll remember that.”
She smiled brightly. “Thank you. What time will you be leaving?”
“I’ll take the first flight that leaves to Ohio tomorrow morning. So, right now I’m going to my apartment to pack and go to JFK this very night.”
“They also have local flights there?”
“Okay. I wish you a safe journey. I’ll be praying for you.”
He offered a smile. “Thank you. Are you going to be here for long?”
She looked around. “Not for long. I’ll try playing a violin, I guess and then, get back to my place.”
He nodded. “Okay, good bye.” He said, bending his back to offer her an unexpected air-kiss that also got her off-guard.
He turned around and left.
Vicky paused there for a while, contemplating what just happened.
She then shook her head and rose from her seat, to try the violin sets on the stage.

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